El Coliving


Welcome To Ruralco

Ruralco is a rural coliving in Spain where professionals from different fields can collaborate with each other to grow both professionally and personally; a space where you will work but also live and share your time with people from all over the world.

We are surrounded by nature but also close to the Mediterranean seaside. Here you will easily disconnect from your worries to connect with your project!

Nowadays more than ever -due to the covid-19 situation- remote work is replacing work office and that is why some of us have already left the big cities to start a new life in a more natural and calm environment like Ruralco. The Ruralco community is made of digital nomads, entrepeneurs, backpackers and nature lovers.

We encourage you to come and try the Ruralco experience!

Our Values

Be the community

Make professional connections at the same time you make friends. Join and improve our community creating friendly bonds between each other.

Be green

Merge with nature and take care of the Earth living sustainably, eating our local grown food, reclying and reusing as much as possible, using the electricity from our solar pannels and loving our animals.

Be open-minded

Be yourself. Accept everyone regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, country of origin, religion, diet and help create an open-minded atmosphere within the community.



Daily cooked lunch

You can order lunch cooked by a chef from a nearby restaurant (all types of diets available).

Tasty food

In the nearby villages you can buy all kind of products such as vegetables, fruit, bread and meat, among others. Cook whatever you want whenever you want!

Get your privacy

Double bedrooms or twin bedded rooms, each with its own private bathroom.


Your room and the rest of the building will be cleaned and disinfected.

Indoor common areas

A large office, a bright dinning room, a polyvalent room to play boardgames or read and a big kitchen to cook with your new mates!

Outdoor spaces

Natural areas where you will find peace by walking, lying down looking at the stars or interacting with our animals.


You will be provided with towels, bedding, shampoo, soap, hairdryer and other personal supplies.

Other Supplies

Internet, heating, elevator, private transport, among other things.


490€ / month

Room with queen bed and private bathroom.


– Private terrace + 100€
– Bathtub instead of shower plate + 50€
– Shared room with your companion +290€

160€ / week

Room with queen bed and private bathroom.


– Private terrace + 50€
– Bathtub instead of shower plate + 20€
– Shared room with your companion +120€

30€ / night

Room with queen bed and private bathroom.


– Private terrace + 10€
– Bathtub instead of shower plate + 5€
– Shared room with your companion +20€


Ready to come?

Email us at and we will be glad to solve your doubts.